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sleuth_home_photo4.gifConservation and Leak Surveys

With increasing demand on dwindling supplies, water becomes more precious by the day while managers of multi-family and commercial properties are under growing pressure to curtail water consumption.

Using the Meter-Master® Flow Recorder, Sleuth Inc. first collects real-time flow rate and consumption data from your water meter to identify excessive leakage loss sufficient to justify investigation. If there is evidence of excessive consumption, further investigation to identify the cause of the loss can be undertaken with confidence. Conversely, if the data shows no significant water loss, the expense of further investigation may be precluded.

When a leak survey is performed, significant sources of leakage loss such as underground leaks in the mains and under buildings, irrigation leaks, and leaking fixtures in the individual units and common facilities are located and identified for repair. It is extremely rare that the savings in reduced water consumption made possible by a survey do not far outweigh the cost of the service.