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drying_division_photo.jpgDrying & Mold Removal Division

Water damage to a home, an office or a commercial business operation requires an immediate response. Plumbing failures and water intrusion from storms and flooding can quickly damage building components and contents, while the threat of mold and mildew damage emerges in the first 48 hours.

Sleuth’s Drying Division is on call 24/7 for rapid response to flooding at residential, office and commercial properties. Quick action by our licensed and experienced technicians using Sleuth’s specialized equipment mitigates losses, streamlines insurance claims and prepares damaged properties for restoration.

Upon arrival onsite, Sleuth dry-out technicians immediately triage water-damaged property and contents for drying, consulting with property owners to determine which items to dry out and which items to remove. It’s a time-critical process best started without delay.

Using advanced water extractors and moisture detectors, Sleuth technicians first remove standing water from the affected site. Then, to prevent secondary damage from absorbed and hidden water, the structure and its contents are thoroughly dried with commercial duty dehumidifiers, high-volume air movers, and specialized heating systems.

Call any time. Sleuth will immediately deploy a team of professionals with the experience, dedicated equipment and technical know-how to stop water damage, and remove mold, mildew, and water.