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water_instrusion.jpgWater Intrusion

Water intrusion in homes and other structures is the penetration of water through the structure's outer "envelope" from such external sources as rainwater, irrigation sprinklers, groundwater, etc.

The cumulative structural damage that can result from an ongoing water intrusion problem is often quite serious and should never be ignored. However, the possible causes of water intrusion are varied and the points of entry are often difficult to accurately identify.

Sleuth technicians performing water intrusion inspections possess extensive field experience with virtually every type and cause of water intrusion. They are also knowledgeable in construction techniques and materials specifically relevant to water intrusion.

Our water intrusion inspections provide photo-documentation of the cause of the water intrusion as well as any visible symptoms or damage that has resulted from the problem. You will receive a written report including captioned photographs and a summary of our findings to facilitate corrective measures or repairs.