Drain Scope

In order to identify the conditions of your drain system, a scope would be performed, which is running a specialized camera through your drain lines/branches. Typically, our technician can enter from vent stack(s) located on your roof or through cleanout(s) located on your property.

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Camera drain inspection in outdoor pipe
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Tech using drain scope in basement

• Recurring backups – diagnose and locate any problem area(s) that are causing recurring backups.

• Wastewater leakage – Locate difficult to find drain system leakage (note the camera inspection does not always visibly find small compromises and a smoke test or hydrostatic/isolation test are needed to locate these compromises).

• Renovation – identify the direction & condition of the drain system and location(s) of drain system access for future renovations to kitchen, bath(s), laundry, pool build, etc.

Image of drain scope going town exterior drain

Why choose Sleuth Inc. to perform a drain scope?

Sleuth Inc. continually invests in the best technology available. Our drain camera equipment is top of the line. We are able to send the video files to the Cloud in the field and produce a written report in the field, as well.

Our technicians are well trained and have a deep knowledge of various conditions that are within drain systems. Drain scopes are our specialty, and we perform them day in and day out.

Interior view of clogged drain

What to expect of a drain camera inspection?

In certain situations, when there is a lack of entry for the camera, our technician may request to pull a toilet and run the camera down the drain line through the toilet flange. We may also request to pull a vanity/kitchen p-trap. Certain approvals may be required. 

How does our inspection help you move forward? 

We diagnose, locate, and mark the areas for you with flags, tape, and/or spray paint. We find the compromises within the system and the plumbing contractor of your choice will complete the repair work.

Written and video reports are included with this service (along with a sketch of the drain system). 

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