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Not renting certain guest rooms due to sewer odors or sewer rodents/pests?

Restaurant grease trap and/or sanitary system(s) having recurring backups?

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Smoke test with smoke coming out of drain
Sewer Smoke Tests

• Smoke tests – trouble finding sewer odors? Suspect rodents/pests getting in through the sanitary system? Schedule a smoke test.

• Sewer video inspection – a drain camera inspection assists in diagnosing drain related issues. Additionally, we can line trace to assist with renovations.  Schedule a drain scope.

• Pool, spa, & fountain leak detection – please have a maintenance employee who is familiar with the system be available and on-site during our inspection.

Drain inspection camera
Sewer Video Inspections

Why choose Sleuth Inc. for pool leak detection?

Sleuth Inc. has technicians equipped with the right tools & skills across multiple divisions including the Leak, Drain, and Pool Divisions. We specialize in plumbing leaks and water intrusion!

Wall torn out exposing pipes
Potable Leaks
Large outdoor fountain
Fountain Leaks

What to expect of our services?

Given you need documentation, please notify our office that you will need a Diagnostic Inspection Report. We try our best to provide you with this written documentation within 24-48 business hours from the date of our completed inspection.

We offer inspections including water intrusion, pipe/slab leaks, chiller leaks, fire line leaks, sewer diagnostics & maintenance, pool/spa/fountain leak detection. 

We provide 24/7 services and can be available in case of an emergency call. We typically work directly with maintenance and/or GM.

Broken, rusted pipe
Drain Leaks
Rainwater leaks on wall
Rainwater Leaks
Underground camera showing roots in pipe
Sewer Hydro Jetting
Sleuth Waves

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