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Difficulties tracking down pest entries? Suspect the sanitary system? A smoke test can identify compromises above slab. Drain scopes can identify visual compromises within the sanitary system.

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Cockroaches in pipe
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Rats in pipe

• Roach infestations – Finding every open nook & cranny tends to be tricky. Suspect the sanitary system? Call for a smoke test.

• Sewer rats – Rodents like to chew through pipes and sometimes build nests within sanitary systems! Call for a smoke test/scope.

• Drain flies – drain diagnostics can help assist in eliminating these insects! Call us today!

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Why choose Sleuth Inc. to perform smoke testing?

We assist pest control companies all the time! We specialize in drain systems and have a high probability of success.You can either meet us on-site or wait to see a copy of our report/video. 

Smoke test in pipe

What to expect of smoke testing?

If you happen to know where the main cleanout is located, then great! Otherwise, we will have to locate it or find an area within the system for a plumber to install one. It’s important that we have proper access to the main cleanout to isolate the system.

How does our inspection help you move forward?

We diagnose, locate, and mark the areas for you with flags, tape, and/or spray paint. We find the direction of the drain system, depth, and compromises within the system and the plumbing contractor of your choice will complete the re-route and/or repair work.

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