Pool Servicers and Builders

Builders – have a leak post-build?

Servicers – property owners notifying you of their high water bills? Cannot keep up with chemical balancing due to a suspected leak? Notice an unusual drop in the waterline?

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Pool & Spa Leaks

• Drain line tracing – pool builders – map out the sanitary drain system for a renovation or new build.Sketch & video are included with service.

• Pressure testing – we provide this service for a new build for local municipality sign offs or for locating leaks on return/suction lines.

• Pool, spa, fountain & splash pad – leak detection for systems on both residential and commercial property types.

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Why choose Sleuth Inc. for pool leak detection?

Sleuth Inc. has technicians equipped with the right tools & skills across multiple divisions including the Leak, Drain, and Pool Divisions. We specialize in plumbing leaks!

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Fountain Leaks

What to expect of our services?

Prior to our inspection, please make sure the pool chemicals have been properly balanced and the pool / spa / fountain is cleaned. Please have someone who is familiar with the system available and on-site during our inspection.

Pipes in ground around pool
Pressure Tests
Pool pump leaking
Equip./Solar Leaks
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Splash Pad Leaks
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