Mechanical Cleaning & Clearing

If during our pipe camera inspection (“scope”), we identify an area(s) of your drain system that needs maintenance and/or system relief, then mechanical cleaning and/or clearing may be the right solution(s) to get your drain system operating at a higher level of performance/flow.

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Mechanical Cleaning results
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Scale blockage with stack
Scale Blockage within Stack

• Diagnostics – Mechanical cleaning and clearing of lines may be necessary in order to complete the drain camera inspection.

• Clogs/blockages – when performing our camera inspections, we often come across active blockages/backups, which need immediate relief for the system.

• Descaling – cast-iron scale causes buildup, blockages, and even constricts our camera equipment from traveling further downstream.

Drain mechanical cleaning results
Drain Cleaning
Debris Buildup in pipe
Debris Buildup

Why choose Sleuth Inc. to perform mechanical cleaning/clearing?

Each situation may call for a different piece of equipment and/or technique. Sleuth Inc. is equipped for various scenarios in order to complete diagnostics on your drain system; whether grease or hair buildup, roots, scale, lint, soft blockages, etc. preventing our camera equipment from traveling further downstream.

Soft blockage for mechanical cleaning
Soft Blockage
Mechanical cleaning cleared line view
Cleared Line
Passed flow test
Passed Flow Test

What to expect of mechanical cleaning and/or clearing?

If you have an active blockage/obstruction, we will utilize our mechanical equipment to clear it.

After clearing the active blockage/obstruction, we will then perform a flow test on the affected section of the system to confirm the system is relieved.

If you would like a written and video report, there is an additional charge for this service, which would include a video indicating a cleared system.

During cleaning/clearing, the plumbing fixtures/drain lines may not be in use.

How does our inspection help you move forward? 

Sleuth can diagnose, locate, and mark the areas for you with flags, tape, and/or spray paint. We find the direction of the drain system, depth, and compromises within the system and the plumbing contractor of your choice will complete the re-route and/or repair work.

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