Sewer Hydro Jetting

Our main goal is to provide full diagnostics of your drain system; occasionally, various buildup and/or blockages prevent our camera equipment from pushing any further.

Cleaning/clearing may be necessary in order to complete the drain camera inspection with clear views of the pipe walls.

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• Diagnostics – “Hydro Jetting,” or Cleaning/clearing of lines, may be necessary in order to complete the drain camera inspection.  

• General maintenance – hydro jetting may allow better flow/ventilation to your system.   

• Newly purchased – sometimes, a previous owner may have washed down grease and/or egg shells into the kitchen sink branch; cleaning the lines will allow a fresher start for the homebuyer.

Debris from hydro jetting a drain

Why choose Sleuth Inc. for this service?

In order to complete full diagnostics of your drain system, Sleuth Inc. can provide hydro jetting as an additional service. If you have recurring drain backups due to root intrusion, you’re a homebuyer wanting a cleaned system, or you need better flow/ventilation for your system, this service service is a good fit for you.

We will assess the conditions of your system (of the drain lines scoped) and determine if the age, conditions, and plumbing configuration of your system are a good candidate for our hydro jetting service.

Pressure gauge

What to expect?

During our drain hydro jetting service, the plumbing fixtures/drain lines may not be in use. Additionally, we require a water & power source on the property (an active hose bib connection and active power outlet).

How does our inspection help you move forward? 

Sleuth can diagnose, locate, and mark the areas for you with flags, tape, and/or spray paint. Our technician will find the direction of the drain system, depth, and compromises within the system and the plumbing contractor of your choice will complete the re-route and/or repair work.

With this services, we’ll provide a written report and a scope video (along with a sketch of the drain system).

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