Water loss from a pool normally varies between 1/8″ and 1/4″ per day due to evaporation, but greater loss indicates a leakage problem.  Pool leaks can result from defects in the pool shell or any of the plumbing associated with recirculation, filtration, and spa systems.  Our experienced pool leak technicians use specialized equipment, tests, and techniques proven most effective in diagnosing and locating any type of pool leak.

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Pool leak detection and repair by Sleuth
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As a licensed pool contractor, Sleuth Inc. is qualified to make recommendations for necessary repairs once the problem has been identified.

Signs of a pool leak include:

  • Water loss exceeding ¼” in 24-hours
  • Adding water to your pool more than once a week
  • Concave sections or visible cracking in pool decking
  • Saturated areas of your yard surrounding the pool

Prior To Our Arrival

In order for us to properly perform leak detection on a pool we need it to be clean, with chemicals balanced, and the water filled to its normal level. This is to ensure you receive the best leak detection possible. You can rest assured knowing Florida’s first leak detection company is on the job.


Sleuth Inc. is Florida’s pioneer leak detection company, having been in business over 40 years. Unlike most of our larger competitors, we do not franchise, because we believe leak detection is an art not a science. We put our technicians through rigorous training, working full time for 6-12 months with a veteran technician before getting a chance at completing jobs on their own. They work directly under a mentor for a total of 3 years.



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