Are you noticing excessive water loss in your swimming pool? Typical pools lose about 1/8″ to 1/4″ of water per day due to evaporation. A higher rate often indicates a leak. Sleuth Leak Detection specializes in pool leak detection services and offers comprehensive solutions to secure your pool’s integrity.

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Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair leaks in pool shells, plumbing systems, and associated recirculation and filtration systems. Whether it’s an inground pool, spa, or fountain, we ensure precise leak detection and effective repairs.

4 Signs You Need Pool Leak Detection:

  • Water loss exceeding 1/4″ daily
  • Need to add water more frequently than once a week
  • Visible cracks or sinking in the pool decking
  • Soggy patches in the yard around the pool

Before We Begin

For optimal pool leak detection, ensure your pool is clean, chemically balanced, and filled to normal levels. This preparation allows us to provide the most accurate service.

Why Choose Sleuth Inc. for Your Pool Leak Needs?

  • Local pool leak experts serving Florida with over 40 years of experience.
  • Non-invasive techniques to protect your property and detect leaks efficiently.
  • Rigorous training ensures our technicians are the best pool leak detectors in the industry.

Schedule Your Pool Leak Evaluation and Repair

Don’t let a pool leak disrupt your enjoyment and budget. Contact Sleuth Leak Detection, the top pool leak detection company in Florida, to schedule a professional assessment today. Protect your pool with trusted experts who understand pool care complexities.


Sleuth Inc. is Florida’s pioneer leak detection company, having been in business over 40 years. Unlike most of our larger competitors, we do not franchise, because we believe leak detection is an art not a science. We put our technicians through rigorous training, working full time for 6-12 months with a veteran technician before getting a chance at completing jobs on their own. They work directly under a mentor for a total of 3 years.



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