Drain Smoke Test

• Tired of masking sewer odors instead of eliminating it?
Customers leaving bad reviews related to sewer odors?
• Pest control having issues locating pest entries? Suspect the drain system?

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Smoke coming out of drain when cover is exposed
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Exposed pipe with Sleuth Leak Detection tape

• Sewer odors – Smoke tests locate where sewer odors are emanating from by identifying holes/cracks, disconnected lines, uncapped pipes, evaporated traps, and more…with smoke escaping any compromised areas.

• Pests – Locate difficult to find drain system rodent/insect “highways” in order to properly repair to prevent/stop pests from entering the home from the drain system.

• Unidentifiable compromises – when unable to identify any specific, visible compromises within the drain system above slab during the drain camera inspection.

Smoke test looking down exposed PVC piping

Why choose Sleuth Inc. to perform a smoke test?

Smoke tests are a lost art, and it’s our aim to be the best in the state and nation at finding drain odor sources. We have decided to make this a specialty and it’s our intention to be the best in the business bar none.

Our smoke test equipment is top of the line (built in-house). We have put our equipment under a lot of different scenarios, and our equipment has succeeded every time. We can perform a smoke test on all property types and have a very high probability of success. 

Image of smoke tester within drainage pipe

How do you prepare for a smoke test?

If you happen to know where your main cleanout is located, then great! Otherwise, we will have to locate it or find an area within the system for a plumber to install one for you. It’s important that we have proper access to the main cleanout to isolate the system.

How does our inspection help you move forward? 

We diagnose, locate, and mark the areas for you with flags, tape, and/or spray paint. We find the compromises within the system and the plumbing contractor of your choice will complete the repair work.

Sleuth Waves

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