Sewer & Drain Line Tracing

Whether renovating, building a pool, making a repair or other reason, line tracing is beneficial in mapping out your drain system and identifying certain depths for future construction/repairs.

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Tech line tracing

• Compromise(s) – did your plumber identify a blockage or other compromise within your system but it needs to be located? With line tracing, we locate the compromise, and the depth for repair work.

• No plumbing plans on-site – designing an additional bathroom? relocating your kitchen? We trace the drain lines, and then we provide a rough sketch of the drain system.

• Re-route – line tracing assists in a line/branch re-route to find the best route to tie in downstream/upstream for the new line/branch.

Drain line tracing equipment

Why choose Sleuth Inc. to perform a line trace?

Sleuth Inc. deploys multiple methods to locate the direction and depth of your drain system. Our main piece of equipment is our camera, which is multi-purpose and adds value by providing conditions of the system while locating/tracing.

Separately, if you are in need of a smoke test but do not have a set of plumbing plans, we may need to perform a line trace/scope prior to the smoke test in order to gain an understanding of your system to properly execute the smoke test.

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What to expect?

If you need specific depths of a section of the system, please make sure our technician is made aware. If requesting multiple depths/markings, there may be additional charges. In some cases, a report is not necessary and field markings are sufficient, which is a reduced fee for this service. 

How does our inspection help you move forward? 

We diagnose, locate, and mark the areas for you with flags, tape, and/or spray paint. We find the direction of the drain system, depth, and compromises within the system and the plumbing contractor of your choice will complete the re-route and/or repair work.

Written and video reports are included with this service (along with a sketch of the drain system).

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