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Plumbing Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks occur in all types of pipe material without regard for the location in which it is installed: Leaks occur in copper, galvanized steel, ductile iron, and all forms of plastic piping and in every conceivable location inside, outside, above or below ground.

The accurate and efficient location of water leaks made possible through Sleuth Inc. technology and expertise not only saves time and money, but also prevents the property damage that often results from outdated and ineffective hit-or-miss location efforts.

Sleuth Inc. has been locating water leaks throughout much of Florida for 36 years and has a proven track record of successfully finding even the most challenging of leaks, ranging from huge pipeline leaks under 10 feet of soil to the smallest drip on an 1/8" in-wall icemaker line.

Our winning combination of specialized technology, highly-trained and experienced leak technicians, and company commitment to outstanding customer service ensures you of the best possible results and the greatest customer satisfaction with leak detection by Sleuth Inc.